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FAQ | Public School Accreditation

For general questions about NEASC and Accreditation please visit the main FAQ page.
For questions related to your specific school's accreditation status or process, please email us.

How does a public school become Accredited?

Schools which voluntarily demonstrate through the relevant CPS Committee's assessment processes that they meet established CPS Standards are Accredited and thus become members of NEASC. Member schools must undertake a community-wide self-reflection (formerly called "self-study") involving the participation of faculty, administrators, staff, students, community members, and board members.

What support do we get from NEASC during the accreditation process?

NEASC provides on-site and/or electronic technical support and materials during the candidacy and self-reflection phases of the accreditation process. The Commission office will set up the peer review team with input from the school, and it will ensure that reports are completed and returned in a timely fashion. Finally, the Commission office is available to assist schools in preparing and submitting reports to the Commission during the follow-up period.

What does a school do after it receives Accreditation?

School personnel respond to recommendations stated in the Accreditation Visiting Team Report by designing and implementing short-term and long-range plans for improvement.

Will the accreditation process raise test scores?

The accreditation process will not of itself raise test scores. However, involvement in and completion of the process will directly impact the climate for teaching and learning and, as a result, affect test scores.

What if my school is underperforming? Can we still be accredited?

The accreditation process can serve as a guide for an underperforming school. Rather than enter into an immediate self-reflection, the school becomes a pre-candidate and uses the Standards as a guide to determine those areas in need of priority attention. The NEASC staff is available to assist the school in setting both direction and priorities to ensure continuing progress toward shoring up its weaknesses by meeting the Standards. The school and the NEASC work in partnership to determine when the school is ready to begin the full accreditation process.