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Answers to commonly asked questions about Public School Accreditation

How does a public school become Accredited?

Schools which voluntarily demonstrate through the relevant CPS Committee's evaluation processes that they meet established CPS Standards are Accredited and thus become members of NEASC. Member schools must undertake a community-wide self-reflection (formerly called "self-study") involving the participation of faculty, administrators, staff, students, community members, and board members.

Who makes decisions regarding Accredition?

The Visiting Teams
A committee of peers conduct the on-site assessments of institutions to evaluate their alignment with Accreditation Standards.

The NEASC Commissioners
Commissioners, professional peers nominated from the educational community, approve the accreditation status of each member school based on reports generated by the Visiting Teams.

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What does a school do after it receives Accreditation?

School personnel respond to recommendations stated in the Accreditation Visiting Team Report by designing and implementing short-term and long-range plans for improvement.

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