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Vision of the Graduate #NEASCvision

Designing the Vision of the Graduate (2-Day Workshop)
Designed for group participation, this two-day workshop is ideal for teams from public schools/districts to work collaboratively to understand the importance and implications of developing a Vision of the Graduate, create and/or revise their Vision, and start to understand the importance of authentic assessment for that Vision. Participants will conclude the workshop with valuable collaborative experiences and Vision documents to take back to their school communities for further feedback and implementation.

The NEASC-CPS Standards for Accreditation ask schools to create a Vision of the Graduate along with their core values and beliefs about learning. This vision should include the development of transferable skills, knowledge, understandings, and dispositions necessary for future success. After creating a vision and defining these important attributes, many schools struggle with how to create assessments that will adequately measure student progress toward proficiency. For students to think critically, work collaboratively, and learn deeply, systems of assessment must be shifted to match these practices.

Team Registration: $625.00
Please note that the workshop fee covers attendance and materials for a maximum of four (4) participants from one school or district

Upcoming Sessions
March 1-2, 2021 (Monday-Tuesday)

Time: 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. ET (both days)
Location: Virtual (using Zoom)

The Vision of the Graduate embeds essential life skills into expectations of our public schools. It’s not just content and academics. It’s about building transferable skills needed for our students to be successful in their future.
— Erin Palonen, Principal, Griswold High School, CT
Day 1 - Intro to the Graduate Profile

On the first day of the workshop we will explore what a Graduate Profile (Vision of the Graduate, Portrait of a Graduate) is and why it is an important shift for schools, districts, systems, etc. as well as what it means to situate the Graduate Profile as your organizing principle. Participants will brainstorm the skills they believe would be ideal for their graduates, then have an opportunity to check that brainstorm against quality criteria, ideate and revise again. Participants will leave with a draft prototype of a Vision of the Graduate as well as a plan to engage stakeholders in a vital input/feedback process in order to move toward a more finalized draft.

Day 2 - Defining Your Graduate Profile

Once you have a draft of a Graduate Profile (Vision of the Graduate, Portrait of a Graduate) that includes larger skill categories, the next step is to define what you actually mean by those categories in the form of Performance Outcomes. During this session, we will clarify what  Performance Outcomes are, determine the scope of the Outcomes that you are drafting (individual school, district-wide, etc.), and practice creating high quality Performance Outcomes for your Graduate Profile. This language will then be used to design shared assessment tools and much much more. Participants will leave with a much more fully defined set of skills for a Vision of the Graduate, as well as a plan to engage stakeholders in a vital input/feedback process in order to move toward a more finalized draft.


For help with registration or payments, contact:
Misha Larson, Project and Meeting Manager

For questions about workshop content, contact:
Alyson Geary, Deputy Director
NEASC Commission on Public Schools


Meet Abby Benedetto

VoG Workshop Facilitator
Deeper Learning Coach, Envision Learning Partners

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