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Join an Accreditation Visiting Team -
a unique, immersive professional development experience!

Accreditation is peer review

Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

Accreditation is a voluntary, peer review process which engages thousands of professional educators in school visits each year. Peer evaluators are trained to function as “critical friends” who provide commendations and recommendations to assist an institution’s growth and improvement process.

CPS's Visiting Team Members are an outstanding asset to the process of accreditation. These well-trained peer reviewers put their best efforts forth when they visit our schools to observe teaching and learning, meet with members of the learning community, and validate the findings from the school's self-reflection. Specific resources to prepare volunteers for their role as an evaluator on an Accreditation Visiting Team can be found on the relevant CPS Commitee websites, but listed here are a few common resources you may find helpful.

Required Qualifications for Visiting Team Members

In order to serve as a Visiting Team Member for any of the three CPS Committees, teachers and administrators must:

  • hold current certification as a teacher or administrator in one of the six New England states
  • be currently employed as a teacher or administrator  in a CPS member school
  • have at least two years experience
  • have some understanding of the Standards for Accreditation
  • understand that collaboration and writing are involved
  • have the recommendation and approval of the school head
    IMPORTANT: NEASC is notified of prospective volunteers via the Annual Information Report (AIR). If you are interested in serving on an Accreditation Visiting Team, make sure to let your school head know that you would like to be added to the Evaluator List on the AIR.
  • understand that the visit is several days (usually from Sunday morning through Wednesday afternoon), requires team members to stay in a hotel with other team members (provided by the hosting school), and involves work with the team in the evening as well as throughout the day at the school

What is it like to be on a school visit?

We have prepared a presentation, "So what can I expect when I serve on a NEASC/CPSS Visiting Team," to help teachers and administrators in public schools who are interested in serving on a Visiting Team understand what happens during the four days of an evaluation visit.

The presentation is based on an example high school evaluation visit.

View the presentation (pdf) 

Where can I find training resources for Visiting Team Members?

Online materials:

Elementary/Middle School Team members, please visit: CPEMS > Resources > Visiting Team Resources

Secondary School Team members, please visit CPSS > Resources > Visiting Team Resources

Career/Technical School or Center Team members, please visit: CTCI > Resources > Visiting Team Resources

Please note that a NEASC username/password may be required to access some materials.


Go to the CPS Events page for a list of upcoming Accreditation training workshops. Make sure to check back periodically for additional dates/locations.

Interested in Becoming a Visiting Team Member?

NEASC is notified of prospective volunteers via the Annual Information Report (AIR). If you would like to participate on a Visiting Team, make sure to let your school head know that you would like to be added to the CPS Evaluator List on the AIR.